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Venoy Overton Pleads Not Guilty To Pimping Charge, Has Bail Reduced

Former Washington basketball player Venoy Overton entered a plea of not guilty on Thursday in response to a second-degree charge of promoting prostitution, less formally known as pimping. Overton was arrested on June 16 following an investigation into allegations that he'd encouraged a woman described as his girlfriend to perform sex acts for money along Pacific Highway South. After the woman was arrested for soliciting an undercover officer, she named Overton, and a later inve

Overton may be out of jail soon after having his bail reduced to $25,000 following Thursday's plea (via Seattle Times).

The judge set bail at $25,000 during Overton's arraignment at the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent.

Prosecutors had asked for bail of $50,000, saying Overton may be a flight risk because he had considered playing professional basketball overseas. But Overton's attorney, James Bible, disagreed, saying Overton didn't even have a passport.

Overton's bail had been set at $150,000 ahead of Thursday's plea. The former Washington guard is being held at the Kent Regional Justice Center.

According to the charging documents, Overton told the woman she would "walk the track" and turn tricks for money, promising to "pay her back ten-fold" when he made it to the NBA. The woman gave him half her earnings on May 19, which he spent on gas and a cigar. The next day, on May 20, the woman was picked up by police, beginning the investigation into Overton's involvement.

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