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NCAA Football 12 Playable Demo Features Oregon Vs. Texas

The playable demo for NCAA Football 12 was released on Tuesday, just two weeks before the real thing hits store shelves. For college football starved fans -- many of us are in a state of full-on withdrawal with two months to go until the season -- NCAA 12 is an appetizer to the main course that is the season. July means NCAA Football for many, and the series is a much-anticipated part of any college football fanatics' offseason routine.

In the demo, gamers can take control of the Texas Longhorns, Oregon Ducks, Alabama Crimson Tide or Florida State Seminoles in two pre-set matchups. Oregon and Texas square-off in one while Alabama and Florida State take the field in the other. The mascots, uniform combinations and new introductions are all featured, though fans will have to wait until July to delve into the dynasty and online dynasty features.

The demo allows gamers to unlock Nike Pro Combat uniforms in the real game as an added bonus. In NCAA Football 11, uniforms were bolstered, with Oregon's million different combinations available for fans to tweak and experiment with. They'll be back again this year, with even more combinations to outfit your team in whatever your heart desires.

The demo for NCAA Football 12 is available on PS3 and XBox 360, and can be accessed through XBox Live and the Playstation Network.