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VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Catches A Fish With One Hand

Even as a Washington State alum, I'm not ashamed to admit Washington head coach Lorenzo Romar is one of my favorites. His personality makes him easy to like, and his approach to building a program is admirable, no matter who you are. And every once in a while, usually after the rigors of the college basketball season ends, Romar opens up and shows even more of his personality, making him all the more likable.

This week was one of those times. Romar stopped by Pike Place Market to participate in one of Seattle's time-honored traditions: Catching a flying fish. But Romar one-upped the typical fish catchers by snaring it out of the air with one hand.

Via The Dagger

With the season over and recruiting settled a bit, Romar has time to kick off his shoes, relax and catch a fish on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. But the video of him grabbing the fish with one-handed is sure to become an instant classic. It's impressive, and he makes the catch while looking like a cool customer. No fumbling, no awkward moment, just an easy grab like he's done it a thousand times.

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