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NBA Draft Is Ten Days Away, Will All Three Washington Huskies Be Drafted?

Now that the NBA Finals is over, basketball fans will turn their focus towards the NBA Draft, which takes place on June 23rd. Former Huskies Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Justin Holiday, and Isaiah Thomas all hope to hear their names called by an NBA team next week.

So will all three be drafted? Erik Kariya from SeaTown Sports recently broke down the chances of the trio this past weekend:

On Matthew Bryan-Amaning:

If he can harness his boundless athleticism very quickly, MBA may be in business. Otherwise, the big Brit is destined for a very, very good European career.

On Justin Holiday:

Holiday is not likely to be drafted but could very well finish with the longest NBA career of these three players—playoff teams are always looking for defensive stoppers.

On Isaiah Thomas:

The appeal here is that IT is the hardest worker you’ll find and he’ll make all of his teammates work harder too. His long-range jumper is almost guaranteed to dramatically improve within a couple of years when NBA coaching is added to his work ethic. He could go as early as the late first round or miss the draft board by a wide margin and join the NBDL ranks.

(Via: SeaTown Sports)

Where do you see all the three Husky stars ending up?

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