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Tony Wroten Jr. Still Using Twitter To Explain His Spanish Class

On a day when the eyes of the Seattle public are on Tony Wroten and his Spanish class, it probably isn't a good idea to spend the day on Twitter while at school. And for Wroten, it was probably a worse idea to advertise playing apple juice pong in his Spanish class as many are scrutinizing the work, or lack thereof, he'd been doing in the course over the last year.

Yet there he was, tweeting away during the middle of the day and joking about the class (H/T Christian Caple).

Lol I got jimmer range. RT @King_DGreer: Jus played apple juice pong in spanish class @TWroten_LOE is ass lolless than a minute ago via ÜberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

I get it and it's probably harmless, but tweeting about playing apple juice pong in Spanish moments after saying the following strikes me as odd.

I really think spanish is an important language with so many of our spanish speaking brothers and sisters here in the country. So I appreciate the opportunity to take the class and will continue to work on my Spanish

Out of all those involved in the investigation at Garfield High, Wroten may be the least culpable, but he's also a big focus of it. He's in the spotlight, especially now that the investigation is public, and should be exercising caution, not fanning flames on Twitter -- including pointing the finger at Mason Kelley, the reporter who wrote the original story. He's certainly just a kid, but his words affect how he's perceived by many, including Washington fans who have high expectations for him next season.

At some point, Twitter is going to get Wroten in more trouble than the social media platform is worth. But to each their own, I guess.