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Tony Wroten Jr. Responds To Seattle Times Story On Twitter

Tony Wroten Jr. took to Twitter on Wednesday night to respond to Mason Kelley's story on the non-existent Spanish class the Washington-bound senior at Garfield High had enrolled in. As you can imagine, Wroten wasn't happy with the story, and took it out on Kelley.

Except Wroten didn't deny the story, he simply blamed Kelley for making it available for public consumption, saying it wouldn't even be a story if his name wasn't involved. Below is a screencap of the tweet, which was sent with to allow for more than 140 characters.


Alex Akita has a screencap of the actual tweet, which was deleted a short time after it was sent, as well as some thoughts on the matter.

You're talented enough from an athletic standpoint that you'll learn this one way or the other, the easy way or the hard way. My hope is that you correct your course before the hard way becomes the national stage and an embarrassment for the purple-and-gold.

This whole ordeal has gone from weird to simply embarrassing. At some point, Wroten needs to own up to it and stop blaming others, especially Kelley.

For more on Wroten Jr. stay with this StoryStream. We'll be back with a few thoughts on the matter, including what it means for Wroten and Garfield High School.