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Pac-12 TV Contract Press Conference Live Stream

On Wednesday morning, the Pac-12 will announce its new media rights deal. In simple terms, this is the television contract that will power the conference, and its 12 member institutions, for the next decade, with revenue expected to top-out at $3 billion. If the reported numbers are correct, and we'll have final confirmation on Wednesday, the Pac-12 will hold the most lucrative TV contract in college athletics, with the 12 schools expected to receive just about $21 million a year over the 12-year span of the deal.

Larry Scott will take the podium at 8 a.m. to announce the contract, lay out the Pac-12 media strategy and elaborate on the details of the deal. FOX and ESPN are expected to partner together for the primary contract and the Pac-12 network will become a reality shortly thereafter. In addition, the conference will push into the digital realm, with a multimedia aspect of the Pac-12 network functioning in the way ESPN3 currently does.

A live-stream of the press conference can be found below. In the event of a technical glitch, you can find the stream here.

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