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College Basketball Finally Gets The Charge Arc Under The Hoop

College basketball is finally taking the necessary step of adding the charge circle under the basket after leaving the call to the judgment of officials. The circle creates a concrete, visual representation of the point where a blocking call will be made, no matter if the defender's feet are set or not. If a defender is inside the circle, essentially under the hoop, significant contact will result in a block, no matter what. And though the rule has been around, redesigning the key to include the arc is a definite step forward.

The move was approved by the NCAA on Thursday morning and was received well by Lorenzo Romar and Ken Bone. By taking the judgment call out of the hands of officials, it should create a more consistent approach to fouls called under the hoop.

Lorenzo Romar tells me he thinks the arc addition is "great." Very happy with the change. WSU coach Ken Bone also pleased with arc. Talked to a few coaches this morning, prevailing thought: It's about time.

Via Todd Dybas