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Terrence Jones Works Out At Washington A Year After His Awkward Decision

Washington fans can probably recall the rollercoaster Terrence Jones took them on last year as he committed, decommitted, then ended up at Kentucky in the span of a few weeks. At a press conference, Jones pulled out a Washington hat after an awkward, rambling interview at his high school, before backing off his decision just a few minutes later. After another process shrouded in controversy, Jones was a Wildcat and Washington fans, players and coaches were left wondering what just happened.

Jones was back in Washington this past week, working out at Hec Ed in what had to be a bit of an awkward moment (h/t Montlake Madness).

Kentucky star forward Terrence Jones was recently spotted working out at Washington. The image of him training closer to home at Hec Edmundson Pavilion wouldn't be the least bit jolting had it not been for Jones' awkward decommitment from the Huskies a year ago.

Diamond Leung wonders what might have been for the Huskies. Had Jones stuck with Washington, who knows what may have become of the 2010-11 season. Would Washington have fared better during the season and NCAA Tournament? Would he have solved some of the post problems that still linger in Montlake?

It's interesting to wonder, but the sight of Jones at Hec Ed has to drudge up some painful memories for Washington fans.