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Keith Price Helmet Cam Footage At Washington Football Spring Game

When Washington quarterback Keith Price took the field for the Huskies' spring game, he did so with a tiny, helmet-mounted camera. These cameras, attacked to the side of a quarterbacks helmet, are all the rage and allow the coaches and players to go back and revisit plays in a whole different way. Instead of a bird's-eye view, they can experience positive and negative plays through the eyes of the man directing traffic.

And now, thanks to Steve Sarkisian's Youtube channel, you can see exactly what Price saw during the spring game (via Bob Condotta)

If you're confused and feel like you're listening to a foreign language, you should be. You're hearing and seeing exactly what Price would do in a live-game situation, from receiving the play to calling it out to executing the cadence. Notice Price calling out "Mike's 54." A regular part of the pre-snap read is finding the middle linebacker, who serves as the pivot point of the defense. Mike is the terminology used for the middle linebacker.

"On Seattle" is the disguised snap-count, and all teams have their own sets of cadence and counts. The play-call is complicated vernacular for outsiders, but is, essentially, the formation, routes and protection all rolled into the Huskies' own language.

It's a pretty neat idea and is akin to EA Sports' NCAA Football on steroids. Nice work by Sark and the Huskies.