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National Championship Game 2011: Butler Breaks Record Set By Washington State Cougars

The Washington State Cougars can break open the champagne this morning after the Butler Bulldogs set a new mark for shooting futility in the NCAA Championship Game. It's been a long time coming, but the Cougars' record low shooting mark, set in 1941, was snapped by Butler after the Bulldogs shot just 18.8 percent from the field. Washington State had held the record after shooting 21.5 percent from the field in the 1941 NCAA Championship Game in a loss to Wisconsin.

But the 1941 game was full of statistical oddities as both teams couldn't figure out how to put the ball in the basket. As it stands now, the Cougars hold the second-worst mark in championship history and Wisconsin, winner of the 1941 NCAA Championship, holds the fourth-worst mark with 25.4 percent shooting in the same game.

Butler's performance, however, tops them all. The Bulldogs made just three shots from inside the arc -- shooting just 9.6 percent on two-pointers or the game. Points in the paint were impossible for Butler, and it took the Bulldogs a jaw-dropping 34 minutes to secure their first interior points of the game. The Bulldogs only saving grace came from beyond the arc, where Butler made nine of 33 attempts, good for 27.3 percent and raising their paltry shooting percentage to 18.1 percent.

So Washington State fans, feel free to celebrate today. Your game may still be the worst in NCAA Championship history, but Butler set a new standard for shooting ineptitude.