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NCAA Bracket 2011: Printable Bracket Updated After NCAA Championship Game

If your bracket looks like mine, it belongs in a fire pit, not a frame, and definitely not as an entry into any bracket pool of significance. The 2011 NCAA Tournament was hard on office pools as it shattered the most obvious of bracket predictions with upsets and a Final Four few could've predicted. But with Monday night's NCAA Championship Game in the books, we have a fully complete bracket, and UConn stands alone atone the rubble that is the 2011 NCAA bracket.

The final 2011 NCAA Tournament printable bracket can be found over at SB Nation. Check your work, check out the final bracket and figure out just what you got wrong and right. If you picked the correct Final Four, or even the correct National Championship Game pairing, pat yourself on the back and buy a lottery ticket. Against all odds, VCU made the Final Four and Butler made it back to the final game before falling to UConn in the championship.

For more on Monday's game, check out the rest of our NCAA Championship Game StoryStream. You'll find the final score and stats, along with everyone's favorite NCAA Tournament tradition: One Shining Moment.