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One Shining Moment 2011 Video: Washington's Matthew Bryan-Amaning Gets His Shining Moment

It's always the goal of CBS producers to get at least a minor shot of every team in the NCAA Tournament into its trademark One Shining Moment highlight package. The popularity of the highlight package has skyrocketed as fans search for their team's shining moment in the CBS piece, a reward for making the NCAA Tournament. And after a disastrous experiment with a change in singers in 2010 -- Jennifer Hudson sang One Shining Moment as CBS dropped the traditional version -- Luther Vandross was back and the song was music to my ears, making the 2011 One Shining Moment much more enjoyable than the previous version.

I figured the Washington Huskies, who combined with North Carolina to play one of the more exciting games in the NCAA Tournament, would get more than a fleeting moment in this year's One Shining Moment. And while the Huskies did receive face time, the choice was interesting, to say the least. Check out the video below, but don't blink or you may miss it (via Jose3030)

If you missed it, Washington's One Shining Moment was Matthew Bryan-Amaning sprinting down the court. Not a dunk, not an Isaiah Thomas or C.J. Wilcox three, but a big man running the court.

At least it was better than St. John's, who didn't make the cut and was also bounced by Gonzaga in the first round.

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