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Mark Emmert Deadpans When Describing 2011 NCAA Championship Game

Mark Emmert taking the microphone after the Connecticut Huskies won the 2011 NCAA Tournament championship and spit out a line that left America laughing at his insincerity. It's always fun to see announcers and officials feign excitement after a game that didn't live-up to its billing, which was the case on Monday night after one of the uglier NCAA Championship games in recent memory.

To recap: Butler shot 18.8 percent from the field, the worst shooting performance in championship game history, UConn took home the title with a 53-41 win that was about as exciting as the scoreline indicates and the commentators had just finished calling the game terrible and ripping Butler for its poor performance.

And then Emmert stepped to the microphone and said, almost in a sarcastic voice, "What a wonderful championship game this was." I understand he couldn't say anything different and he has to tow the company line, but a wonderful championship game? My definition and his differ in almost every way.

Since I don't want to ridicule him without presenting alternatives, how about these?

  • What a wonderful tournament. After all, it was a fun tournament to watch.
  • What a wonderful Kemba Walker. He is pretty amazing.
  • What a woeful shooting performance. Nothing but the truth here.
  • What a wonderful cash cow. The NCAA Tournament does pay the bills with that bloated television contract.

At least a UConn win saved us from Butler puns.