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Final Four 2011: Shaka Smart And VCU Get Their Own Final Four Theme Song

It's incredibly easy to create a song around VCU head coach Shaka Smart, as we all found out after the Rams wrapped up a trip to the Final Four with a win over Kansas last weekend in the Elite Eight. Using the tune of "Hooked on a Feeling," an intrepid artist capitalized on VCU's NCAA Tournament success by creating the unofficial theme song for Smart and the Rams.

Of course, it incorporates OOGA SHAKA OOGA OOGA. Sometimes, these things come far too easily. The video comes from SB Nation DC, your home for everything VCU during the NCAA Tournament.

And now, you have the ooga shaka line stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Shaka does, in fact, have his Rams believin', as evidenced by VCU's impressive run through the NCAA Tournament after barely sneaking into the field as one of the final at-large team. On Saturday, VCU plays Butler with a spot in the NCAA Tournament Championship on the line at the Final Four in Houston. You can find out VCU team preview and VCU-Butler predictions in our Final Four StoryStream.

Are you hooked on a feeling? If not, watch the video a few more times and try not to have it stuck in your head. Check out the rest of our Final Four StoryStream for less music and more previews of Saturday's games.