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NCAA Football 12 Trailer Features Oregon Mascot On A Motorcycle

The Oregon Ducks are featured prominently in the newly-released trailer for NCAA Football 12, but it's Puddles, the Ducks' wacky mascot, that takes center-stage. We've all seen Puddles antics during games, be it the hundreds of push-ups it was forced to do thanks to the Ducks' high-powered offense or the fun it had with Lee Corso on College Gameday. But now, mascots appear to have an even bigger role in EA Sports NCAA Football 12, and entrances are the theme of Tuesday's "sizzle" video.

Here's the video, which shows off the Pac-12 logo, a few mascots and plenty of SEC football.

Just as a point of clarification, Puddles' chauffeur always wears his helmet -- safety first, kids -- and is more masked man and less preppy guy in a polo shirt. We are striving for accuracy here.

In all seriousness, the NCAA Football 12 trailer is outstanding, and is enough to get any college football fan pumped up for the game and the season. Just a few more months to go until the long offseason ends and the action on the field kicks back off.