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Pac-12 TV Contract: Larry Scott Seeking 10-Year, $2.3 Billion Deal

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott has promised the world to the member institutions he oversees, but with TV contract negotiations coming to a close, we’re beginning to find out whether he can deliver. Scott aimed for the stars in 2010 as he attempted to form the first superconference by luring Texas, Oklahoma and others to join him in forming the Pac-16. While the deal fell apart at the last moment, the Pac-10 added Colorado and Utah, becoming the Pac-12, all in an effort to position the conference in the best possible spot ahead of the current media rights negotiations.

An interesting note about the Pac-12 TV negotiations was thrown into the Wall Street Journal’s profile of the NBC merger with Comcast. The newly formed company is a player in the Pac-12 negotiations and Scott is seeking a 10-year, $2.3 billion dollar deal.

The Pac-12 conference is seeking a 10-year deal worth $220 million a year, plus a commitment to launch a regional sports network, people with knowledge of the talks say. Start-up costs for such a venture would likely run in the neighborhood of $100 million, most of which would come from the media partner. Negotiations are likely to conclude in the next few weeks

According to the report, ESPN, Turner and FOX are also involved in the negotiations. With the four major players in live sports all reportedly bidding on the Pac-12 media rights, Scott has a bidding war on his hands, and could take the conference’s deal from a laughing stock to the biggest in college athletics.

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