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Jon Brockman Trick Shot Video And A Rebuttal From A 13-Year-Old Stanwood Kid

Former Washington star Jon Brockman threw down the gauntlet a few weeks ago, posting a trick shot video online and encouraging fans to bring it. Trick shot videos have been all the rage, and it seems as though everyone is getting in on the action, from college quarterbacks to long snappers to good old-fashioned basketball videos. Brockman's video becomes about the umpteenth one released in the past six months, but is plenty entertaining.

Here's Brockman's, but it's only the start of the fun, and one Stanwood teen brought the pain in his own video.

After the jump, 13-year-old Seth Hilton, of Stanwood, fires back with a video of his own.

I'm not sure how I feel about playing with fire, or lighting a basketball up, but the kid does have some skills. It's fun to see a young kid having fun and showing off for the cameras.

And Brockman deserves a lot of credit, as well. Not only did he encourage his fans to submit their own videos, but he also had a direct impact on Hilton. Those basketball camps UW and many other colleges around the state host do have a profound impact on youngsters, and Hilton's video serves as proof. He looks up to Brockman and was able to interact with him up-close years ago at a camp. It's something that's stuck with him, showing the difference these athletes -- who are role models to many -- can make.

Edit: Corrected Seth's last name. A mistake led to me running the story calling him Seth Wilson, not Seth Hilton.