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NCAA Bracket 2011: Final Four Bracket Update In Printable Form

Are you ready for the Final Four? It's time to get geared up for college basketball's biggest event as the four remaining survivors in the 2011 NCAA Tournament hit the court in Houston this weekend. We've got bracket busters and traditional powers in the Final Four, with a wide-range of rooting interests. If, by some miracle, your bracket is still alive, pat yourself on the back as you're in rarefied air.

You can find an updated 2011 NCAA Tournament printable bracket at SB Nation. There you'll find a look back at all the results, updated through the Elite Eight. From first-round upsets to Elite Eight shockers, March Madness has lived up to its name. When the dust settled, the Final Four bracket was historic as a No. 11 seed and No. 8 seed survived, and no top-seeded teams made it to the final weekend.

So grab the Final Four schedule, prepare you ultimate March Madness setup and get ready for another weekend of thrilling NCAA Tournament action.

We'll be back with a look at the Final Four teams, a schedule breakdown and more in our 2011 Final Four StoryStream. For more on March Madness, check out SB Nation's NCAA Tournament hub. Check out our women's NCAA Tournament results StoryStream for a look at the other March Madness, as well.