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Conference Tournament Gifts: Big East Tournament Gives Out Electronics; Pac-10 Gives Dr. Pepper

On Tuesday, Sports Business Daily released its list of conference tournament gifts given to participating NCAA athletes, ranging from fancy electronics to packages that amount to little more than paperweights. The ACC, considered a powerhouse in the college basketball landscape, rewards its student athletes for an ACC Tournament appearance with gifts that would make a college student blush. Big East Tournament participants will have plenty of music to go around -- with a new iPod Touch -- while Pac-10 Tournament teams get a can of Dr. Pepper.

iPod Touches were the big-ticket item, with plenty of electronics included in the gift packages. From digital cameras to BluRay players and even TVs, a few of the power conferences went all-out. Even the MWC and CAA went with big items, outdoing the Pac-10 and its ho-hum backpack.

After the jump, a quick rundown of some of the highlights. The full list can be found here, at Sports Business Daily.

Pac-10 Tournament: Conference-branded backpack filled with snacks, including that can of Dr. Pepper.

ACC Tournament: Under Armour Sweatshirt and one of the following (worth $300 each): FlipSide HD, iLuv portable media player, 8 GB iPod Touch and gift card, 19-inch HD TV.

Big East Tournament: iPod Touch

Sun Belt: Stationary Set (!!!!!)

Southland: Leed's letter business organizer and notepad (thrilling)

SEC Tournament: One of the following: 8 GB iPod Touch with armband, Garmin GPS, LG BluRay player, Sony digital camera, Swiss Army Travel Bag.

MWC Tournament: Pick one: Mini digital camera, Fossil Watch, iPod Touch, Samsung digital camera, Swiss Army travel gear.

Well, at least the Pac-10 isn't the Sun Belt. Still, step your game up, Larry Scott. Let's get these athletes an iPod, at the very least.