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Jake Locker's Pro Day Workout Scrutinized, Criticized For Lack Of Difficulty

Sure, Jake Locker completed 38 of 40 passes during his workout at Washington’s pro day on Wednesday, with his two misses just barely out of his receiver’s reach on deep patterns about 40 yards down the field. His near perfect performance drew praise from many in the hours following the workout, but on Thursday, questions about the difficulty of his workout arose. After all, many of the throws Locker made were to short or intermediate routes, which any quarterback worth his salt could make.

ESPN’s Todd Mcshay wasn’t impressed, saying the degree of difficulty was surprisingly low during Wednesday’s workout. On NFL Network this morning, Michael Lombardi echoed those sentiments, as well. Perhaps more concerning was the lack of big-time front office personnel at the workout.

Lombardi was on site for the Pro Day, and noticed “not a lot of decision makers in attendance.” He suggested this means either teams are relying on private workouts to really evaluate Locker, or that Locker is simply “not high on a lot of draft boards.”

He did take care of business, which is saying something, but with only a few deep routes, there wasn’t a ton that can be used for further evaluation. Pro days are only one part of the equation, though, and many teams will be breaking down Locker’s film and putting him through the ringer during individual workouts over the next few weeks.

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