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McDonald's All-American Game 2011 Rosters: Tony Wroten Jr. Snubbed, Focused On Moving Forward

When the 2011 McDonald's All-American Game rosters were revealed, Garfield High School star Tony Wroten Jr. was surprised his name not among those invited to the all-star game. Each year, it seemed, Wroten was at the top of his class, from middle school to early high school. But as his senior year drew closer, an ACL injury sustained during a Garfield football game limited his playing time on the court, hurting him in the rankings and eyes of high school basketball scouts.

High School Hoop spoke with Wroten shortly after the rosters were revealed to get his thoughts. Wroten said he was surprised at the snub, and did a double-take when he realized his name wasn't on the list. Never one to pull punches, Wroten used head-to-head competition to state his case for the All-American game.

HSH: Did you immediately look at the list and remember outplaying a lot of the guys on it?
TW: (Laughs) It's funny that you say that, because there's some names on there that I KILLED this summer!

Like many players who are snubbed at one point or another, Wroten said he'll be using it as motivation to work harder and continue to progress as a player. For fans of the Washington Huskies, that has to be great to hear. Wroten will be joining Lorenzo Romar's squad as part of the 2011 recruiting class, and is looking to make an immediate impact on the game.

To see the full rosters for Wednesday night's game, head over here. For more on the game, stay with our McDonald's All-American StoryStream or check out SB Nation.