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Washington Pro Day: Mason Foster 40 Time Improves From NFL Combine Numbers

By most accounts, Mason Foster’s 40-yard-dash time at the NFL Combine was less than impressive. Foster, an excellent tackler at linebacker for the Huskies, ran in the mid-4.7 second range, a bit high for his position. At Washington’s pro day on Wednesday, Foster was looking to improve his measurable numbers in front of scouts from nearly every NFL team, with a focus on getting his 40 time into the 4.6 second range, if not lower.

Foster began the day with the vertical jump, posting just about the same number at the Combine with a jump of 30.5 inches. At the linebacker spot, the jumping drills aren’t as much a focus, but tend to be a sign of explosiveness.

In that all-important 40-yard-dash, Foster did show improvement, running a best time of 4.67, according to ESPN’s clock. The first time around, ESPN had him at a 5.0, though it’s hard to think of that as anything but a mis-time. Foster seemed generally pleased with his time, and did break into that all-important 4.6 range if ESPN’s time was correct.

Jake Locker hits the field momentarily for the most anticipated drill of the day, throwing between 45 and 60 passes in front of a bevy of scouts. You can watch the Washington pro day live on ESPN3 to track all the action. Check out the rest of our Washington pro day StoryStream for more on the workouts and head over to UW Dawg Pound for more on the Huskies.