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Obama's Bracket Among The Best In ESPN Bracket Challenge

Feel terrible about the state of your bracket after the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament? Don’t worry, we all do. But one person that doesn’t is President Barack Obama, leader of the free world and, apparently, bracket expert. Obama’s bracket is one of the nation’s best ahead of the Sweet Sixteen, in the 99.9th percentile in ESPN’s bracket challenge. For a man many say is too busy to enjoy as much college basketball as the rest of us, it’s an impressive feat, to say the least.

Obama nailed the West region in his bracket, correctly picking Duke, Arizona, Connecticut and San Diego State to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. In the Southeast, he lost one of his Final Four teams as Pittsburgh fell to Butler while also missing on Wisconsin. The Southwest region is a mess, just like the rest of the nation’s — even Obama couldn’t predict Richmond, VCU and Florida State making the Sweet Sixteen. Finally, the East region was near-perfect, with only Marquette spoiling Obama’s chance at perfection in the region.

In total, Obama has 490 points in the ESPN bracket challenge thus far, earning him bragging rights in the college basketball world. Meanwhile, my own bracket is on fire and a heaping mess after the first two rounds. You can check out our Sweet Sixteen predictions to get a handle on the next two rounds, or it may be safer to just follow Obama’s at this point.

Grab your own printable bracket and keep track of all the scores as March Madness rolls on. If your bracket is dead, why not start from scratch in the Sweet Sixteen and try again? The printable bracket has been updated to reflect all the latest changes, and is up-to-date with Sunday’s results.