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NCAA Bracket 2011: Printable Bracket Updated With Sweet Sixteen Matchups

NCAA Bracket 2012 is here.

The first weekend of the 2011 NCAA Tournament came to a close on Sunday night, leaving many brackets in shambles after surprising upsets created a Sweet Sixteen field most couldn't have predicted. Three No. 1 seeds advanced, but one -- Pitt -- didn't survive after being knocked out of the bracket by Butler on Saturday. When it was all over, four double-digit seeds survived to the Sweet Sixteen portion of the bracket, leaving some of the big-name schools in their wake.

A new 2011 NCAA Tournament printable bracket is available at SB Nation after a weekend filled with bracket carnage and chaos. The Sweet Sixteen field is all there and can be used as a fresh start to create a new bracket contest encompassing only the final four rounds of the NCAA Tournament. Can No. 11 seeds Marquette and VCU keep the magic going in the Sweet Sixteen? Will Richmond continue its dream run through the bracket? Or can Butler, who came inches away from an NCAA championship last season, make it back to the Final Four as it seeks redemption?

We'll find out on Thursday as the 2011 Sweet Sixteen kicks off at the four regional sites. Be sure to check out the rest of our NCAA Tournament results StoryStream for a look back on all the weekend's action. The Women's NCAA Tournament is also in progress, with the second round kicking off on Monday. Check out our Women's NCAA bracketStoryStream for the latest from the tournament.