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2011 NCAA Tournament Scores: Washington, Georgia Tied At 28 At Halftime

Two things that we can say we probably knew before this game are that a) the Georgia Bulldogs would try to slow the pace and b) that the Washington Huskies ability to control the paint could be a major determinant of this game.

And in playing to a 28-28 tie at halftime, those are the factors that might have played out most clearly.

Georgia was extremely effective when they slowed the pace of the game, but when they committed turnovers - as they did on nearly a quarter of their possessions - UW was able to get out and score in transition.

While the team's engaged in a power struggle to control the tempo, Washington struggled to defend the paint in the halfcourt in allowing Georgia forward Trey Thompkins to score a game-high 15 points and haul in eight rebounds. To their credit, Washington did beat Georgia on the offensive boards, but in shooting only 35.3 percent a lot of that was due to more opportunity. Scott Suggs was the only player who really established anything consistent on offense with a team-high seven points. Matthew Bryan-Amaning leads the Huskies with five rebounds to go with six points.

The bottom line here is that the Dawgs are exactly who we thought the Dawgs were and as of yet neither team has been able to establish themselves consistently - even though the Bulldogs appeared to be in control, they weren't able to put the unpredictable Huskies away.

Again, if we've learned anything about the Huskies this season, it's that we can't predict the second half until they step on the floor.