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New Pac-12 Logo Revealed With Cheesy Music Video

What's the best way to reveal a new conference logo? In the case of the Pac-12, it's a cheesy techno music video featuring fans and athletes from the original Pac-10 schools welcoming Utah and Colorado to the fold ... with dancing. The logo itself is no secret; the 10 in the current Pac-10 logo was simply changed to a 12. It's the way it was unveiled, though, that's left many shaking their heads and wondering why a music video was necessary.

Check out the video below. The new logo makes its appearance at the end.

First, the good. At the very least, the Pac-12 is moving forward in an attempt to gain exposure in every way possible. The video was released to the media at once and was accompanied by a 12 day countdown on the Pac-10's Twitter account. The video was released on Youtube, a new emphasis for the Pac-12 as the conference attempts to embrace the online component of media.

But the logo itself is the same as the old logo, which is fine and expected. So while unveiling it is nice, doing so with an odd music video opens the Pac-12 up for ridicule. It's not Legends and Leaders (hi, Big Ten), but it's just an odd choice.

So welcome Colorado and Utah. I promise we all aren't bad dancers.