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UW Vs WSU Halftime Score: Cougars Get Out To A 40-32 Lead On Huskies

Already down a player with the suspension of guard Venoy Overton, the Washington Huskies' hopes of finally figuring out a way to beat Washington State this season weren't helped by forward Matthew Bryan-Amaning picking up two quick fouls.

With Bryan-Amaning out, UW probably didn't rebound as well as they liked losing that battle 18 to 16 in the first half, but perhaps another reason they found themselves down 40-32 at the end of the first half was that they didn't force the type of turnovers they normally thrive on.

Meanwhile, Klay Thompson was as good as you could possibly have expected finishing the half with 18 points and to go with a team-high four rebounds. DeAngelo Casto added eight points, five rebounds and three assists to no turnovers. Faisal Aden also contributed eight points.

For Washington, Terrence Ross was outstanding in the first start of his career with 13 points on 5-for-7 shooting.