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Zach Enyeart Trick Shot Video One Ups Johnny McEntee

Putting together a trick shot video as a quarterback is nothing. Sure, Johnny McEntee, a quarterback at UConn, gained nationwide attention with his trickshot video, but can WSU long snapper Zach Enyeart top it? After all, it's one thing to wing the ball around, but it's another to do it between your legs as a snapper. Enyeart put together his own trick shot compilation in hopes of getting noticed, giving us a whole new level of trick shot entertainment.

Check the video out, complete with an amazing soundtrack. Be sure to keep watching after the credits roll for bonus nut-shot action.

Even long snappers need love sometimes. Their one job is to simply snap the ball on kicks and puts -- nothing more. They don't get the glory or publicity unless they make a mistake, missing a snap or block. It's a pressure-filled position.

But Enyeart had some fun with it all, showing off some impressive skills and accuracy. Who knows, maybe it'll get someone to take a look at him after the draft. Or, perhaps, it'll just go down as an entertaining video and nothing more. Either way, it was worth the four minutes to watch.