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Tate Forcier Visits Miami, May Be Close To Becoming A Hurricane

Former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier is taking his visits, looking for a landing spot after choosing to leave the Wolverines' football team following the 2010 season. This past weekend, Forcier took a trip to Miami, the first of what's been expected to be many visits this offseason. However, with the situation at Miami -- and the desperate need for a quarterback -- Forcier may make up his mind sooner rather than later.

According to a report by CanesSport, passed along by Yahoo!'s Tom Dienhart, Forcier may be close to becoming a Hurricane already.

Former Michigan QB Tate Forcier could be close to becoming a Miami Hurricane, according to than a minute ago via web

Though he'd have to sit out a year due to transfer requirements, Forcier would immediately be the front-runner for the Hurricanes' starting quarterback job. The Hurricanes missed out on a quarterback in the 2011 recruiting class, namely Jacoby Brissett, and have been searching for an answer at the spot all recruiting season. Since it's playing time he wants -- and playing time he wasn't getting at Michigan -- Miami seems to be a match made in heaven.

Forcier also has the Washington Huskies on his short list and may visit the school sometime in the near-future, as well. With Keith Price and Nick Montana both competing for the starting job this year, Forcier would have an uphill battle in the search for playing time at Washington.

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