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Jacoby Brissett's Mom Unhappy With Florida Decision, Trying To Change His Mind

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We've seen this more than once now this year and it doesn't make it any less disturbing. Just minutes after Jacoby Brissett announced he would sign a Letter of Intent to play college football at Florida, his mother hit the media to tell the world she disagreed with his decision and would work to make him change his mind. Brissett won't sign a Letter of Intent, binding him to Florida, until Monday, leaving plenty of time for his mother to try and sway him again.

The news was tweeted by Tim Reynolds, a reporter out of Miami.

Jacoby's mom says she will keep trying to change his mind until he faxes Monday.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Brissett was clearly happy with Florida, saying he wanted to play with his friends in Gainesville at the press conference while announcing his choice. He didn't tell his mother until just before the announcement, sending her a text message informing her of the news knowing she'd be unhappy. It's been reported that she wants him to play at Miami.

It still boggles my mind that a parent could push and pull a recruit in different directions while the kid is making the biggest decision of their lives. Brissett's mother isn't moving to Gainesville to play college football for four years, Brissett is. He made a decision he felt was in his best interests, both for now and his future in football. As a young adult that's his right, and he shouldn't have to deal with dissension in his family because he went against the grain.

Welcome to recruiting, where even your own family can turn against you. It's sad and disgusting that mere moments after Brissett made his decision, his mother told the world it was the wrong one.

Hopefully he follows his heart and goes wherever he wants to go in the end.