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Jacoby Brissett Will Reportedly Sign With The Florida Gators

Ninth-ranked quarterback Jacoby Brissett is reportedly heading to Florida in a decision to be announced later today. Brissett, a four-star recruit according to Scout, decided to wait until Friday to choose a college, take a bit of extra time to mull it over. Wisconsin, Washington and Miami were also in the mix, though it appears each are out of the Brissett sweepstakes.

The news was tweeted by Matthew Porter, of the Palm Beach Post, this morning.

So we're clear: Source tells @pbpjasonlieser Jacoby Brissett has informed #Gators he's coming. Has not sent a LOI yet.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

It was only a matter of time before something leaked after Brissett called coaches from each of the four schools to inform them of his decision. 

Brissett reportedly loved both Washington and Wisconsin, but felt each was too far from home. As it came time to make a decision, it appeared the lure of the state of Florida was too much and Miami or the Gators would win out. The Gators already locked up a superstar quarterback, though, making the decision a bit of a head scratcher.

The Gators picked up Jeff Driskel, the No. 1 quarterback in the class of 2011, all the way back on April 19, 2010. With him in the fold, Florida never appeared to need or want another recruit at the position -- at least until today's news. Now, they'll have two highly-touted quarterbacks as Charlie Weis takes over the offense in 2011.

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