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Angelo Chol Narrows List Of Schools, Eliminates Washington

Earlier today, Chol  was "a near-lock to pick Washington on Thursday". Later on, Washington is out of the picture.

Chol is set to announce his choice on Thursday, in an announcement that is set to be live streamed over the internet, but he gave a little bit of insight into his decision process late on Tuesday night on his Twitter account:


The superstar forward out of San Diego had visited most of the top schools in the nation, including Washington, North Carolina, Arizona, Kansas and Alabama. Coach Romar was hoping to put the big man in the paint to create a presence the outside shooting Huskies lack.

A little while later, Chol returned to Twitter to offer condolences to grieving Husky and Crimson Tide fanbases


If you're still interested to see where Chol ends up you can still watch his announcement this Thursday at about 12:45. The stream will be live at the KBC Sports website. If at all possible, Husky and Cougar fans would love to see him stay away from Arizona.

For more on Chol and Washington basketball recruiting, stay with our StoryStream.