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All-Star Football Challenge: Jake Locker, Austin Pettis Team Up For A Win

Jake Locker found himself on the winning end of one of the All-Star Football Challenge skill challenges, teaming up with Boise State wide receiver Austin Pettis in the offensive teammate challenge. Pettis ran the course in 16.69 seconds, catching passes from Locker at various points. Ryan Mallet and Torrey Smith were second with a time of 17.13 seconds. Andy Dalton took third after a drop pass doomed his team.

The win kept Mallett from sweeping the quarterback accuracy and offensive teammate challenges with strong performances in each. Locker and Pettis formed an outstanding tandem, with Locker delivering accurate, and timely, throws to Pettis, who showed off his excellent speed and agility.

The All-Star Football Challenge, broadcast on ESPN, features a wide-array of skills challenges for some of the best college seniors in the country. Both offensive and defensive players at every position are participating in drills to show off speed, agility and position-specific skills. It serves almost like a mini-combine, though with drills you’re not likely to see anywhere else.

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