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Washington Huskies Unveil Uniform Against Baylor Bears For 2011 Alamo Bowl

The Washington Huskies are ready for their Alamo Bowl showdown with Robert Griffin III and the Baylor Bears. UW may be an underdog on Thursday night, but anything can happen in these games and the Huskies are well-tested this season.

With kickoff coming very soon, the Huskies unveiled the uniform that they will wear tonight as they came on the field for warmups. We have photos of the jersey and helmet after the jump. Thankfully, they are very similar to what the program has worn for years.



These photos courtesy of Dave Softy Mahler on Twitter.

Pretty cool. It's nice to see the Huskies did not change it up too much, as seemingly every damn school in the country is doing this bowl season. This is the first time they have gone all white with them, but it's far from what Oregon does every week. Why mess with tradition?

Kickoff is just a few minutes away and the game will be telecast on ESPN at 6:00 p.m. PT. For more on the team, head on over to UW Dawg Pound.