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Michigan Football Recruiting: Josh Garnett Has Wolverines, Notre Dame, Stanford As Final Three Schools

Josh Garnett might be headed east or to Palo Alto. But perhaps the best offensive tackle in the state of Washington isn't looking like he's staying in-state.

Garnett announced his final list of schools, and the Washington Huskies are not mentioned. Garnett is instead leaning toward either the Michigan Wolverines, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and the Stanford Cardinal and could be coming to a decision soon.

It's hard to say what soured Garnett on UW. Perhaps it was just that he liked what the other schools had to offer. All three schools have a nice balance of academics and athletics, and all three have had more consistent success than Washington. More importantly, all three teams seem to be putting a huge emphasis on offensive line play; Washington has rarely enjoyed good offensive line production this season.

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