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Washington Husky Stadium Renovation Tears Down Roof [VIDEO]

The Washington Huskies have already broken ground on what will be a massive stadium renovation. While minor updates have already been put in place, a big step was taken on Tuesday as the UW tore down the roof over Husky Stadium in preparation for the massive changes that will be coming in the coming months,

Renovations like the one being done in Seattle are taking place all across the Pac-12, especially now with the help of the new lucrative television deal that pays each university $20 million dollars a year. These upgrades can only mean great things for a program, and the Huskies hope these renovations help lead them back to the upper echelon of college football.

We have a video of the demolition, as well as a video of what the stadium will look like once the upgrades are made...

Husky Stadium Roof Demolition (via UWAthletics)


Pretty cool. The best part of it all? No more track around the field! That should please everyone, visiting teams included. Washington football will never be the same once these changes are made.