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VIDEO: Husky Stadium Renovation Continues With Roof Demolition

Tuesday was a big day at Husky Stadium as the extensive renovation project kept trucking on. The field itself is almost unrecognizable already, with the playing surface dug up and the lower bowl gone, but perhaps the biggest step in the demolition process occurred on Tuesday. Part of the roof on the south side is down now, and the Huskies released the spectacular video to prove it.

The roof is coming down in phases, apparently, with a large section -- "GO HU" -- falling first. We'll go ahead and assume "SKIES" is the next piece the fall as the roof is demolished in two pieces. No matter the case, Tuesday's demolition surely changed the face of Husky Stadium, if only temporarily.

Video of the roof section falling is after the jump.

Quite the spectacular glimpse into the renovation process for fans wondering how the modernization of Husky Stadium is progressing. Demolition will continue throughout the winter and a new and improved Husky Stadium is expected to be ready by the 2013 season.