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Washington Basketball Recruiting: Stephen Domingo Enjoys Seattle Visit

The Washington Huskies are close to striking out on their recruiting targets for 2012. So they're going to have to try and start landing some big-time players in 2013 if they plan to avoid falling behind the rest of the conference.

Stephen Domingo is one of their primary targets, and they hosted the San Francisco star from St. Ignatius this weekend. Domingo seemed pretty impressed by what he saw according to an interview he did with Left Coast Recruiting

"The team was really cool. They do a lot together, the whole team went to the football game together. That was cool." Domingo said. He was able to see what it was like in the locker room before and after the SPU game, walk the tunnel before the football game and hear the trash talk of the Oregon and Washington rivalry.

At the SPU game he was able to see just exactly what the coaches have been telling him in the recruitment. "They give their wings so much freedom. CJ Wilcox has the green light to shoot." Domingo said. This mentality and coaching style is what Domingo has been hearing about when it comes to how he would be used in the Husky offense.

Domingo in Washington would probably be a solid fit, since most of Washington's current guards in the program would have filtered out by the time he arrived. The history of solid Washington guard play, their ability to make it to the next level in the NBA, and the stability of playing with a coach like Lorenzo Romar (who's been at Washington for a decade) have to appeal to Domingo, and he's probably strongly considering the Huskies as his college destination.

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