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Apple Cup 2011 Highlights: Kasen Williams Hurdles Nolan Washington, Is A Freak

I had no real idea who Kasen Williams was before his senior year at Skyline High School. I didn't pay much attention to recruiting, and all I knew was the name and some of the buzz. He was called a freak specimen, a big body with some serious athleticism. And this was in high school.

Williams spent this past season getting acclimated to the college game, all while learning on the fly. And in the Apple Cup, Kasen Williams was where amazing happened. Yes, he caught two touchdown passes, one of which involved essentially leaping over a defender's back. And yes, Williams finished with a team-high five catches for 74 yards and the aforementioned touchdowns in his first Apple Cup.

But it was a play that didn't result in a touchdown that proved to be the lasting moment for Williams and the Huskies. Watch as the freshman hurdles WSU cornerback Nolan Washington.



I mean, just ... damn. That's all I got. Damn, son.