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Apple Cup 2011 Score Update: Jesse Callier Scores On Blocked Punt

What looked like a defensive struggle to open the 2011 Apple Cup quickly turned on special teams, with Washington coming up big on a punt block. The Huskies and Cougars went three and out, with a toss sweep ending in a loss on the Huskies end and penalties doing in Washington State on the other end. And in the end, it was a special teams gaffe that cost Washington State dearly.

After a false start penalty and a fumbled snap leading to intentional ground, Washington State struggled to dig itself out of a hole. After getting back to the line of scrimmage, the Cougars lined up for what seemed like a harmless punt. But not so!

The left side of the Cougars' line collapsed, and Dan Wagner's punt attempt never stood a chance. The deflected punt popped straight up into the air, then fell right into Jesse Callier's hands. He waltzed into the end zone, and the Huskies took a 7-0 lead.

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