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Apple Cup 2011: Paul Wulff Coaches For His Job

It all comes down to this for Paul Wulff. While nobody knows exactly what's going through Washington State athletic director Bill Moos' head, most signs point towards Wulff needing a win or strong showing to keep his job. Just like last year, Wulff's status comes down to the end of the season, and hinges on finishing strong.

There are three distinct camps in the Washington fanbase, and have been forever. There's the camp that's ready to see Wulff go, no matter what happens going forward. On the other side, there's the group firmly entrenched on Wulff's side, ready to stick by him no matter the cost. And there's the middle: a group that's flip-flopped all year and is still unsure of what's next.

The middle is where the large majority of Washington State supporters sit, despite the vocal minorities on the extreme opposite sides of the coin. And so Wulff puts his head down and plods along, continuing on in his rebuilding efforts as the hot seat talk reaches a boiling point.

There's added pressure in this Apple Cup for Wulff and, perhaps, his players. Yes, a bowl game is out of the picture, and the Apple Cup is for nothing more than state pride and bragging rights, but the pressure remains. With Moos expecting to render a decision on Monday or Tuesday, it's clear the Apple Cup is one last chance to make an impression, and perhaps earn at least another year.

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