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Apple Cup 2011: Elephant Picks Cougars To Beat Huskies [VIDEO]

The 2011 Apple Cup is causing a lot of dissension with people in the state of Washington, but it's gone so far that even the animal kingdom is getting in on the debate. 

After a great deal of discussion amongst the animals, Chai, a female Asian elephant at the Woodlands Park Zoo in Seattle, was chosen to be the highest authority on the matter, given the task to choose once and for all just who will win the Apple Cup this year; the Huskies or the Cougars? 

Make the jump to see all the action.

Zookeepers set up some 'apples' as well as some actual apples next to the logos of both the Huskies and Cougars as Chai uses her amazing elephant powers of deduction to make the final decision on this year's victor in the Apple Cup. 

and the winner is.......The Washington State Cougars!

Elephant Predicts 2011 Apple Cup Winner (via dahalcon)

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