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Hawaii Point Shaving Allegation Makes Strange End Of Washington-Hawaii Football Game Even More Interesting

Remember the strange two-point defensive conversion off of a blocked kick at the end of the Washington-Hawaii game this season? That play just got even stranger with the recent allegation of point-shaving against the Hawaii Warriors.

The University of Hawaii football team is being investigated for point shaving following an anonymous tip from a team players. The allegation adds further intrigue to the peculiar end of the Washington Huskies-Hawaii Warriors game back in Week Two of the college football season.

The Huskies were favored by four points entering the contest and ended up winning the game by eight points, 40-32. The final meaningful sequence of the game, however, featured a block on an extra point by Hawaii's kicker Kenton Chun that was returned for a two-point defensive conversion by Desmond Trufant.

The play itself- a blocked PAT that leads to a two-point defensive conversion- is rare in football. The sequence becomes even more interesting in light of the current Hawaii investigation.

Information about the alleged point-shaving and which games that it may have occurred in have not been disclosed yet. SB Nation, however, points out the peculiarity of Hawaii's entire play this season with help from

According to, they're 3-7-1 against the spread this season. To put that into perspective, only three teams in the entire nation (Florida Atlantic, Maryland and Central Michigan) have won fewer games against the spread all year.