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Washington Vs. Oregon State Score Update: Beavers Lead 17-14 Early In Fourth Quarter

After a first half that lacked defense, both teams have made it difficult for the opposing offense to score points. On the Beavers' second drive, they were on their way to adding on to their three point lead after converting in a 4th-and-7 situation that put them into the Husky's ten yard line. However, Washington's defense failed to break, and safety Sean Parker came up with a clutch interception to give the Huskies the football back.

The Huskies were unable to drive the ball down the field and again were forced to punt for the second time. Washington caught another break after defensive lineman John Timu stripped Joe Halahuni, giving the Huskies the ball at the Beavers 28-yard line. Nine plays and 26 yards later, Huskies kicker Erik Folk missed a 39-yard field goal.

Washington's offense has struggled to get in a rhythm since the start of the second half.