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Michigan Football Recruiting: Josh Garnett To Visit Ann Arbor For Ohio State Game

The Michigan Wolverines would love to land all the offensive linemen they can get their hands on. Brady Hoke helped rise San Diego State up to contend at the top of the MWC by getting physical in the trenches at San Diego State, relying on their offensive linemen to grind up the yards. He's been doing the same at Michigan, getting big-time linemen like Erik Magnuson and Kyle Kalis.

Joshua Garnett of Puyallup, Washington is one such offensive linemen the Wolverines would love to have Garnett has been open to exploring the eastern side of the country, and he has indicated he wanted to visit Michigan (along with Oklahoma and Miami). Garnett is serious enough about his interest in Michigan that he's taking a visit to Ann Arbor for next week's Ohio State game. He's also considering Stanford and will be visiting them for the Big Game.

Garnett is considered one of the top tackles and a lot of Pac-12 schools would like to have him, but it's clear his recruitment is still wide open.

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