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Keith Price Ranks Second-Best In Nation With Touchdown Passes

The Washington Huskies are 4-1 this season, and they have quarterback Keith Price to thank for that. Price, who has replaced former Washington quarterback Jake Locker, has done a fine job filling in for the first-round NFL draft pick. Price, in fact, has thrown 17 touchdowns through five games, second-most in the country.

He falls just behind Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, who has thrown 18 touchdown passes. The most impressive part of Price's touchdown figure through the season's first five games is how infrequently he has passed in comparison to the rest of the nation's top 10 touchdown passers. Among the quarterbacks who rank in the top 10 in touchdowns so far, Price has thrown the second-least passes with only 97 completions. Price, again, falls behind Griffin in this department (93 completions).

That gives Price an impressive 17.5% touchdown rate per completion, which means that he throws about one touchdown every six passes. Numbers are just numbers, though, and football is about a whole lot more than statistics. Price's biggest contribution so far this season hasn't been his touchdown efficiency, but rather his role as a leader and his play as a quarterback in general for the 4-1 Huskies.