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Husky Stadium Student Section Is Blacked Out

The Washington Huskies decided to wear their black uniforms for the second year in a row and orchestrate a stadium-wide blackout against Arizona on Saturday night. Every student, alumni and all other Washington Husky fans are wearing black to tonight's game. Both end zones are also painted black. Here is a picture of the UW student section pre-game: 

UW Football's photo
UW Football on WhoSay

Will this blackout contribute to the Huskies' chances in tonight's game? The team is undefeated in its black uniforms. They blacked out Husky Stadium in a November nationally televised Thursday game against UCLA last year and won 24-7. The team later wore the black uniforms in their 19-7 Holiday Bowl victory over Nebraska.

If the Huskies win this game against Arizona, will the black come out again in the Huskies' eventual bowl game at the end of the season?

So far, there have been no complaints by the fans, players or coaches about the black uniforms. The alternate colors have generally received positive reviews since they've been incorporated.