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Michigan Football Recruiting: Josh Garnett To Visit Wolverines, Miami, Potentially Oklahoma

Josh Garnett is starting to finally open up about his recruitment, and it looks like his first visits will be toward the east and away from the Pac-12. The Puyallup offensive tackle is sure of at least two official visits he wants to take, and one potential official he would like to take. Justin Hopkins of 247 Sports with the report.

Although he has only one official visit set up, there are two other programs in good shape for a potential visit.

"I'm going to Michigan on Nov. 19 when they play Nebraska," Garnett said. "I'm also going to visit Miami at some point also. I'm thinking pretty seriously about visiting Oklahoma too."

Garnett has always been quiet on his recruitment--the only clue being this little tidbit about Stanford--so it's always hard to get a read on where he's favoring right now. But it has to feel good for both Miami and Michigan to at least be involved in the conversation at this point. Pac-12 schools shouldn't consider themselves out of the running, but they'll probably have to wait awhile before they can get a read on where Garnett wants to go. At this point it looks like the race is wide open.

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