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Washington Huskies Basketball: Tony Wroten Jr. To Undergo Surgery, Should Return Soon

The Washington Huskies basketball team has now suffered injuries to both Scott Suggs and Tony Wroten, Jr. Suggs could be out for a significant period of time, but Wroten should be able to return before the season start.

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The Washington Huskies are starting to suffer some significant injuries well before their season's even begun. Scott Suggs is expected to miss 8-12 weeks with a foot injury, a pretty significant loss considering UW basketball is going to have a lot of youth on their frontline, and Suggs is one of the few veterans.

This one isn't too bad. Tony Wroten Jr. had some minor arthroscopic surgery on his right knee according to Percy Allen of the Seattle Times. This could mean that he's out a few games, but likely he'll be back right in time for the regular season. The freshman guard is kind of in the back of the lineup, so it wouldn't be a significant loss even if he missed a decent chunk of playing time, so it makes sense that Wroten Jr. and Romar would get this injury healed up now.

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